Blunders in Poker That You Should Not Commit

The right is a big word, which is a very old question: do people get what they deserve? Do you think that the right thing will make you get great rewards, and if you do the wrong thing, you will get the punishment you deserve? Maybe this will happen in a perfect world. But it is well known that this is not the case.

If you find a wallet full of money and think you will receive a reward when you return it, make a mistake. Most honest people today received nothing from the simple gratitude of satisfied people.

At school, he expects to get better grades in the subjects he studied in advance and expects to obtain poor results in subjects with which he is not familiar. But often the results of an ace are obtained in subjects that have not been studied and have not been evaluated for those with whom he woke up at night.

We assume that hard work can give us some advantage in our workplace to increase promotions and increase wages. But the most diligent and decent people were transferred during the promotions, they took wage cuts and the most unfortunate people resigned.

The point here is that you think you deserve something for the good deeds you have done, but it is very likely that you will get something completely different.

A good example of poker is Phil Hellmuth. He is known for his quote: “If it were not for luck, I would wait for everyone.” This player believes that playing a solid game in poker gives him the victory title in each game. But now, he’s smart enough to know that luck has something to do with how the game will end. However, in Helmut’s belief system, there is always something that the best hand must always beat a weak hand.

This way of reasoning blinded Phil for all the variables in poker.

An example would be Phil’s writing during the 2008 WSOP Main Event against Adam Rotlus Levy. At the beginning of the game, both players are deeply filled: Phil takes a pair of 9 and Levi receives the QT. As the game progressed, Phil hit the turn, but 9 gave Levy a straight nut; After that, Phil loses a big bet, then calls Levi and humiliates his game. The fact is that Levi played without problems; Phil was so crazy about what happened in his best hand, and he just let him feel the right to hire him and make him ignore what is happening in the game.

As already mentioned, both players are in a difficult position, Levi is in position and Phil has a reputation as a losing player at the table. During his bet on the river, he even commented if he could play QT in this way, and this only means that the range of his hand includes QT, but he still called Levi an idiot for playing with the same hand.

If you want to become a great poker player, it’s time for you to eliminate all kinds of your own rights. In poker, all you have to do is place the bet in the best possible position and let the destination decide later. There will be times when your good hands will lose, and your poor hands will win, but in the end everything will be balanced.


At the judi domino table, you are only entitled to one case, and you will have to deal with the cards with him. As soon as the cards are dealt, everything will be based on your decisions and, of course, on the destination. But keep in mind that, in the end, your winning streak will determine your decisions, and luck will only know when it will be.