A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Poker Tells

Whether it is live poker or poker online uang asli, you have to do your best to win if you are after the money. To win, you should have the best hand. If you are just starting, it is best that you experience the game first hand. You have to understand that poker is a game based on human interaction. If you are keen enough to use the information available in front of you, you will notice some tells or clues from other players.

Winning is not only about skill or strategy. Winning is also about learning how to identify poker tells. You can gain an advantage if you understand poker tells. According to experts, there are two forms of poker tells – betting pattern and physical tell. Professional players depend on betting patterns. By observing the way a player bets, you will know when to check or bet. Physical tells, on the other hand, are unreliable and fun but it can still be useful.

Here’s some poker tells that you should know about:

Poker tells before cards are in the air

If you look closely, you will know before the cards are in the air. Watch how players buy in – do they buy a short rack or a full one?  Sloppy stacking of chips also means sloppy play. See how they handle their chips – does it look like they know what they are doing or they mess up like amateurs?

Poker tells indicating a strong hand
When you think you have a strong hand, you will be confident and relaxed. Other tells include fluid speech, shaking hands, relaxed smile, eyes fully open, red in the face because their blood pressure is up, impatient, wanting to bet right away and suddenly sits up in the chair. If you look closer, their pupils are dilating, the cheek muscles begin to flex, glancing at the chip stacks to see how much they will bet and many more.

You have to understand though that these tell vary depending on the person or circumstance. Other people rely on watching the eyes of the opponents but if you want a more reliable one, look at the hands. When you get excited, you will have that trembling hands and you cannot do anything about it.

Poker tells indicating a weak hand
To be able to tell if other players have weak hands is an important part of your winning. Tells include high pitched or slow speech, not moving, holding breath, staring right at you, lips tense, biting lip, covers mouth, fake smile, nail-biting, and eyes blinking. If the player also starts to rub the hands, arms, legs, nose, and hair, it can mean they have a weak hand.

After spotting a tell comes another challenge – is it accurate or not? Poker tells are hard to recognise because it can vary from one person to another. There are professional poker players who are too good to spot if the tell is false or the other way. As you go along, you will learn how to sift through various tells.