The seemingly never ending rise of Online Poker

The very first online poker game was introduced almost 2 decades ago in 1998. Since then the trend of online poker games is only experiencing a rise. Forget maturity stage, the industry of online poker is still at the increasingly growing stage.  No wonder even the agen bola deposit 10 ribu​​ is so popular among the regular players. At present the online poker industry is around a 40 billion $ industry which is growing every year by the rate of 11 %. The total number of people playing billiards or golf online exceeds that of the number that plays online poker. The number totals to a 100 million.

The bond of Poker and the Internet

The absolutely astounding penetration of the internet in the lives of people and the rise of online poker games is almost synonymous. Several players opt for agen bola deposit 10 ribu​​ to gain benefits in the game. So, yes this ever increasing and phenomenal hike of the online poker games is nothing unusual. As per reported statistics, by the end of 1998 when online poker first came into being, the revenue of the industry had touched around 1 billion $.

The journey had begun with Planet Poker, the first ever poker site. Gradually with time and popularity of the game several online poker sites have both cropped up and evolved and some are still emerging.

The best of times of Online Poker

The year frame of 2003 to 2006 marks the Golden Period for the world of Online Poker. It was by this time that this online poker industry had touched and was going beyond billion dollars in terms of revenue. This global industry was truly booming with thousands of players joining very frequently. After a series of US federal ban and rules to eradicating illegal online poker, this industry was taken outside and has by now spread in Europe, particularly UK. And, it is nothing to be amazed that online poker is considered to be one of the fastest growing industries on a worldwide basis.

The scene of this online game is only becoming better and going in the ‘up’ direction. The exponential growth really deserves applauds.