Online casinos and the bonus trap

Online casinos have made a surging appearance in the world of internet. From being available on the net to becoming a mobile gaming sensation, online casinos have become widespread in the world. Today, there would hardly be a country that does not have an online casino.

คาสิโนออนไลน์ have many ways to draw customers. The main attraction of online casinos is bonuses. This forms their main array of attracting customers to gamble. Casinos today, vie each other in offering the better bonus or incentive to get players to start gambling. There are even sign-up bonuses that are credited to the players account as soon as he signs up.

Welcome bonuses
To being with, the welcome bonus welcomes a player into the game. It is usually made available after the player makes his first deposit into the casino account. Welcome bonuses may be available on certain games, or on the deposit of certain amounts as per the casino policy.

Referral bonuses
Referral bonuses come in two forms: One bonus is for the Referee who joins the game and the other one for the Referrer who makes the reference. The bonus is credited to the Referee when he registers an account at the casino while referring to the Referrer. The Referrer gets a bonus when the Referee completes all the requirements demanded by the casino.

Cashback or Insurance bonuses
Cashback or Insurance bonuses are given to players who have suffered losses in the gaming. This is offered as a percentage of the losses incurred by the player in an attempt to encourage the player to continue gambling.

No deposit bonuses
These are the most common form of bonuses and are essentially non-cashable. These appear in the form of sticky bonuses that can be played but not cashed out. These bonuses are deducted from the players total when he makes a withdrawal request.

Comp points
Comps were initially invented in land-based casinos. These can be exchanged for prizes and other facilities and sometimes cash. The comp points increase with the increase in spending of the player. Sometimes comp points lead to free tournament tickets and slots online as well.

Bonuses are not always good and can sometimes lead to legal troubles as well. The major disputes that occur between casinos and players are over bonuses. However, they are an inherent part of the คาสิโนออนไลน์ policy, so they are here to stay.