Tips For Consistent Wins At Online Poker

Poker, whether online or the traditional game, is not a game based on chance or luck alone. Contrary to some beliefs, poker is a game of skill and mental acuity with a little bit of the “luck” factor mixed in. Online poker, on the other hand, is kind of like adding on a notch or two to the difficulty factor in poker, particularly the fact that you won’t be able to see your opponents faces. That is a huge deal as it is one of the most honed skills a respectable poker player has, the ability to read faces. In a way, moving from traditional poker to the online version is deceptively easy, but the differences may be the factor for consistent wins in the game. Fortunately, there are some well-known facts that when followed, will definitely help you get the upper hand at online poker. Read on and find out what these tips are and be well on your way to consistent winnings.

Familiarize Yourself With Being Online

Easing into online poker is exactly that, it should not be rushed or else you will end up losing huge money. The challenges from the traditional type of poker would be the fast-paced nature of online poker. It has this feature called the time-bank where players are called to action quicker than what they may be used to. Having this set amount of time may be unnerving to some who have gotten used to having a few minutes of thinking time before having the clock called.


Another aspect is the HUD (heads up display) beside each player showing their statistics such as their hand history, folds, etc. This is the equivalent of an opponents face, wherein the data scrolling will tell you how a person should be reacting based on the hands they often play. Another difference is the number of hands that happens per hour, there is simply so much more happening than a traditional poker game. Online poker games such as qqpoker would in general, be doubling the number of hands when compared to a live poker game. The Speed with which things are happening can be a bit overwhelming for those starting out.

Start Low-Stakes and With A Single Table

Even for those who consider themselves to be already at the high stakes on traditional poker games, start with a low-stakes table from the beginning. Do this while you are still ironing out the differences between live and online poker to avoid worrying about significant losses. This would just be prudent because the online nature of the game will mean that the opposition will be so much more difficult. Take the stakes at a gradual level to avoid being overwhelmed. Multi-tabling is another attraction of being online and the temptation to jump into it might be too much. Avoid this at the beginning and once you are able to win consistently at a single table, you can do multi-tabling. Add as many tables as you can according to your self-assessment.

These are basic rules to follow if you want to consistently upgrade your online poker game. Knowledge and constant practice is the key to getting better. ALways keep in mind that poker is a game of skill and thus can be learned and mastered.