History of the Most Popular Cheat Game:Poker

Poker is one of those games with a history that dates back to a time prior to 969CE. A game which has touched so many cultures for hundreds of generations is now in a stage where people play them virtually, online. Thanks to technology and modernization that everyone who wants to play a bit of poker can always play them online whenever they want. Situs poker online is a trusted place where you can try your luck in this age old game. Online poker versions are the latest version of this age old game that has been evolved from different number of card games through the years.

According to historians poker was first played by Chinese king Mu-Tsung and his wife on a new year’s eve. This game was not exactly poker but it was a game that involved elements of poker and mahjong. Betting games were a hit among people in different parts of the world during the 12th and the 13th century. Around this time Egyptians and Persians used to play card games that are similar to poker. Ganjifa is the card game that was played by the Persians and the ganjifa deck had 96 cards made out of wood or ivory. But what we really need to observe close is “Primero,” the card game played by the Spanish. Primero is often called the mother of modern poker and it lead to the origin of “pochen” in Germany and “poque” in France which were similar card games.

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Modern Poker became extensively popular in the 19th Century. French colonists brought poque to North America and soon poque turned into poker, the most popular card games till date for the Americans and the whole world. Poker became the favorite past time of people in the early 19th century during which there weren’t many other choices for entertainment. Everyone including the soldiers of both South America and North America played poker during the Civil War. People enjoyed poker without any differences. Soldiers, cowboys, and common people enjoyed the game alike.

Poker was so popular in the west that there were poker saloons in every corner of the towns. The poker saloons were considered as a sign of pride, something that people liked to boast about. Poker has been loved by people of different cultures and different ages all around the word until now and it is still being loved which is why online poker is such a huge hit.